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TORAJA TOUR - South Sulawesi

:: Where the funeral being a single most important ceremony in the life cycle !!
Vasko - Martha-Martin-Daud

Toraja Land, is known for its unique culture and ancient traditions. 

Torsina hotel - Rantepao
The center of tourism is Rantepao, 328 km from Makassar by road (about 8 hours). The entry to Tana Toraja is marked by a gate built in traditional boat-shaped architecture.

The road passes through the mountains of Kandora and Gandang on which, according to Toraja mythology, the first ancestors of celestial beings descended from heaven. The majority of the people still follows an ancestral cult called "Aluk Todolo" which governs all traditional ceremonies. Torajan culture is a complex blend of ancestor worship and animistic beliefs where rituals for the dead are colorful festivals to pave the way for the soul's entry into the hereafter. This unique culture, the scenic beauty, cool climate and gentle people are the main reason that Toraja is gaining popularity as a tourist destination.

Stone grave and rice terraces
The most spectacular of Torajan rituals are the funerals. For Torajan, a funeral is the single most important ceremony in the life cycle. It is based on a strong belief that the soul of the deceased travels to the land of the south and in this land of eternity, he will need all the requisites of everyday life in the hereafter just like when he was alive in this world. Various types of graves are located in Cliffside caves, mountain ledges or in special houses reserved for the dead. The graves in Tana Toraja are made in huge rocks because of their strength and relative safety from animals and thieves.

Rice Terrace on Trekking

This place is considering as the heart of Tana Toraja. Visit the colorfull Torajan Traditional Market “Pasar Bolu” where you can see locals selling animals for the funeral ceremony such as Buffalo, pig, chicken, also they sell a local spice, fruits etc. Nowadays Rantepao is became as a capital city of North Toraja Regency.

Ke’te’ Kesu’
Kete'Kesu Traditional Villages
Is located around 04 km southeast of Rantepao. One of the most popular tourists sights in the area. It is enchanting with its Tongkonan houses, rice barns and megaliths set among the rice fields. There is an aristocratic cliff burial site with hanging graves and tau-tau that located about a hundred meters at the rear of this village.

L o n d a 
Is an natural grave stone site, there you can see some ancient bones, hanging coffins, some statues “Tau Tau” and one can also enter the cave. It is situated about 04 km south of Rantepao.

Located about 09 km to the south of Rantepao. This site is a cliff burial site of an ancient Torajan chieftain. Galleries of tau-tau guard the graves.

Batu Tumonga and Lo’ko’mata 
Batu Tumonga is the most spectacular area situated on the slope of Sesean mountain, about 25 km from Rantepao . From this mountain you have an extraordinary panorama and overview of Rantepao Town. One can visit the stone grave of Lo’ko’mata, the coffee plantation and enjoy the walks trough the villages.

Sa’dan To’Barana’ 
It’s a traditional plait center, located in the district of Sesean about 11 km north of the hotel. It has been known for a long time as an area of traditional weaving “ikat” in Toraja.

Bori’ Kalimbuang
Is located about 6 km north of Rantepao. There are some stone graves and rante (field of ceremony such as the ritual of death rambu solo’) where menhir (simbuang) is constructed.

Tampang Allo
Is located in the Sangalla’ district, about 23 km from the hotel. There is a natural cave with ancient wooden coffins and effigies.

Buntu Kalando
Is situated 24 km south part of Rantepao , in the Sangalla’ District. Here are the houses of Puang Sangalla (noble class) which is used as the government center in ancient times. There is a small museum of royal possessions belonging to the local noble class.

The valley is 1200 m up to the mountains above Polewali, the Mamasa region - formerly as Western Toraja, the other wonder of Toraja within the landscape of terraced hills with easy hiking to numerous traditional villages, with friendly of people. Four day hiking trail from Tanah Toraja or Mamasa. No luxurious hotel available in this town.

Located about 28 Km from Rantepao, is a place where you can see the other unique life style of Torajan, which is the corpses buried in the trees. The grave is special for the baby who death before teething.

Start your trip on Sulawesi Island within International flight such :

A. SINGAPORE - MAKASSAR ( South Sulawesi ): 
- Air Asia : Kuala Lumpur - Makassar - Kuala Lumpur - Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
- Garuda airlines : Singapore - Makassar - Singapore within daily flights.
- Silk air : Monday, Wednesday, Saturday - Singapore - Makassar - Singapore

B. SINGAPORE - MANADO (North Sulawesi) : 
- Silk air from Singapore - Manado - Singapore : Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

JAKARTA ( Java ) - MAKASSAR ( South Sulawes i) - Two hours, twenty minutes flights, by Garuda Airlines, Lion Air, Batik air, Sriwijaya airlines - This route is helps passanger to start the Sulawesi tour from Makassar to Bira beach , Sengkang regency, Karst Ramang ramang - Pare Pare then Tana Toraja..

JAKARTA ( Java ) - MANADO ( North Sulawesi ) Three and half hours flight by Garuda Airlines, Lion Air, Batik air, Sriwijaya airlines - From Manado the journey you can start within Bunaken Marine National Park - Tangkoko Nature Reserve - Minahasa Regency also can do land transfer to Gorontalo where the harbor for Togean Island. Drive for 09 hours.

JAKARTA ( Java ) - KENDARI ( South East Sulawesi ) Two hours, five minutes flights by Garuda Airlines, Lion Air, Batik air, Sriwijaya airlines

JAKARTA (JAVA - PALU ( Central Sulawesi ) Three hours flights by Garuda airlines and Lion Air, Sriwijaya air, Merpati airlines.

JAKARTA - GORONTALO ( Gorontalo ), Three hours and fifteen minutes by Garuda airlines, Lion air, Sriwijaya air.


:: The land of Heavenly King's
South Sulawesi - Indonesia
A Torajan typical painting
Tour Description : 
Toraja tour packages offer you a unique of Torajan Culture and also a day trek up in to the natures. We devide the destination of tours in two main sites such as North Toraja tour within Ancient Megalithic stone (Bori) - Traditional food and buffalo market (Bulo) - Tinimbayo hills (Lempo) - Tongkonan traditional houses within 14 rice barn (Nanggala) - Batutumonga, a highest peak of Tana Toraja (Mt. Sesean) - Lokomata, a burrial stone grave. 

This all destination is reachable in a day tours of North Toraja. And the natures along the way among the sites is spectaculer panorama of huge rice terraces. North Toraja tours is mostly offer you a scenic beauty of natures.

The other part of sites is South of Toraja, a difference kind of things to see, within Londa burrial cave, Lemo burrial cliff, Suaya Royal grave, Kambira baby grave, Kete'kesu hanging grave, and Traditional Kete'kesu villages.

These 05 days / 04 nights Toraja tour packages is more than enough to explore both cultures and natures. Also the phenomenon funerals ceremony can be seen in one of day tours.

Attraction      : Toraja Cultural tour.
Duration         : 05 Days / 04 Nights.
Tour area       : Makassar - Toraja - Makassar
Grade            : Easy
Start - end     : Manado

Meet you in Makassar. Transfer to Tana Toraja, through the Trans Sulawesi road. Good quality road. Afternoon arrival in Rantepao. Lunch, Dinner, Overnight at hotel. 

Breakfast at hotel. Today tour participants is visiting North of Toraja which is dominant to enjoy the scenic beauty of natures. Afternoon return to hotel. Lunch, Dinner at local restaurant. Overnight at hotel.

Breakfast at resort, Today tour participants is visiting Southern of Tana Toraja which is offer you a uniques of cultures and traditions. Afternoon return to hotel. Lunch, Dinner at local restaurant. Overnight.

Breakfast at hotel. An easy trekking up to the Mt. Sesean. Plenty of actvities on your way of trekking. Lunch en route. Afternoon return to Rantepao. Dinner, Overnight

Breakfast at hotel. Morning departure to Makassar Airport or your next destination. End of services

Rates :  Euro 1.143 / 02 Person / 05 Days - 04 Nights

Includes :
  • AC Car, Driver, Fuel, Accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Aqua drinking water, Proffesional Guide, Entrance fees
Excludes : 
  • Flight ticket, optional tours, guide and drivers tipping, alcohol drinks.

Notes :
  • All of our tour descriptions + tour itineraries is a sample only, it can change with or without prior notice.  
  • The tour arrangement based on tour plan which not publish
  •  We are happy to work out with clients to suits in the needs of tour.

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AC Vehicles - Mitsubishi L-300
Sacrifices Day - Tana Toraja
Kete'Kesu - Tana Tora
Tedong Bonga


Kerbau Bonga - Batik

ATTRACTION   : Paket Wisata Toraja - DOMESTIC
TOUR AREA      : Makassar – Toraja
DURATION        : 05 Hari / 04 Malam
START – END    : Makassar

Tour Itineraries :

Penjemputan di Bandara atau hotel di kota Makassar, kemudian peserta tour langsung di antarkan dengan mobil menuju Tana Toraja. Tiba sore hari dengan beberapa kali perhentian di tengah perjalanan, untuk makan siang maupun memotret objek wisata yang ada. Makan siang, Makan malam, istirahat di hotel.

Sarapan di hotel. Kemudian peserta akan mengunjungi tempat wisata yang ada bagian Utara Tana toraja mencakup : Tongkonan Penanian, Bori Batu Megalithic, Pasar traditional Bolu, Kampung tradisional di Pallawa dan akan berakhir dengan menikmati pemandangan dari pegunungan Sesean. Sore hari kembali ke penginapan di kota Rantepao. Makan siang, makan malam, istirahat di hotel.

Sarapan di hotel, dilanjutkan dengan mengantar peserta tour melihat lihat tradisi orang Toraja khususnya cara dan tempat pemakaman yang lokasinya sangat berbeda dan unik dan hanya bisa ditemukan di Tana Toraja. Contoh : Kuburan Gua di Londa, Kuburan dinding batu di Lemo, lanjut ke Kuburan raja raja di Suaya, kemudian Kuburan Bayi yg ada di Kambira dilanjutkan dengan mengunjungi keunikan Rumah Adat tertua di Tana Toraja yang ada di Kete'Kesu. Sore hari kembali ke hotel. Makan siang, makan malam, istirahat di hotel.

Sarapan di hotel. Peserta tour dijemput pagi hari untuk kembali menuju ke kota Makasar. Setiba di Makassar peserta akan dibawa ke Benteng Pertahanan Belanda yang berada di Pantai Losari, Port Rotterdam sambil menunggu indahnya matahari terbenam di teluk Makassar - Pantai Losari. Selanjutnya peserta diantar untuk makan malam dan kemudian ke hotel yang ada dikota Makassar. Makan siang, Makan malam, Istirahat di hotel.

Sarapan pagi. Peserta bisa diantar menuju area souvenir shop yang ada di pusat kota tua Pecinan, Makassar untuk belanja oleh oleh khas Makassar. Selanjutnya Peserta tour langsung diantar ke airport sesuai jam penerbangan. Makan siang, makan malam, istirahat.

Catatan :
Selama berwisata ria ke Toraja dan Makassar, Pemandu Wisata akan membantu mendapatkan informasi dimana ada upacara sacral yang sementara berlangsung dan akan diantar kesana untuk menyaksikan pesta rakyat yang sangat sacral.


  • IDR 15.100.000 / 02 orang

Termasuk :
  • Mobil ber - AC + BBM + Sopir
  • Akomodasi
  • Makan Pagi, Siang , Malam
  • Aqua, Snack
  • Bea masuk tempat wisata, Parkir, Tol
  • Guide Professional

Tidak Termasuk :
  • Ticket Penerbangan
  • Minuman beralkohol
  • Soft drinks, Juice
  • Extra tour

Hubungi Kami :
0813 565 78409 - Vasko